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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  November 10, 2009 9:00am-9:30am EST

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count down to an execution. in 12 hours sniper john al 11 muhammed will be put to death. remembering the victims of fort hood. president obama gets ready to leave washington to honor the fallen in texas. and tropical storm ida comes ashore in alabama. we will see if the remnantses will affect our region. good morning. i am andrea roane. it is tuesday november 10. tropical storm ida on the gulf coast. will we feel any of its effects? howard bernstein has our forecast. >> a little bit andrea. south and east especially
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to the norfolk region will see more of that more moderate rain from ida. not too many clouds. a few breaks with peeks of sunshine here and there at this hour as temperatures warming into the 50s in most areas. although manassas and martinburg at 48 degrees. lots of 55 from national, annapolis, eastton. cambridge. the river keeping quantico cooler. they are at 50. temperatures climbing into the low, even middle 60s for highs. average high 59. lots of clouds but mainly dry, i think there is a slim chance of a sprinkle -- better chance tonight. 9:01. time for a traffic update. hello angie. >> hello everybody. welcome to the 9:00 hour. let's take a look at this backup on the outer loop. we have an accident at georgia avenue, we know it has taken away two left lanes. drivers bumper-to-bumper crawling along starting around the 95 area. over on 66 headed eastbound
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we're still slow from 123 to the capital beltway. i am saying plus 15 minutes for that at 123 we still have crash activity pushed off into the grass on to the right shoulder. taking a look at the inner loop from braddock up to 66 finally starting to clear out just a little. we had an earlier accident on this road. then we will switch it over and show you 395 headed northbound. things backing up around the seminary area. then definitely slow from washington boulevard towards the 14th street bridge. keeping it moving and keeping it going. here is inbound new york avenue. it looks like we're congested from the times building to bradsenburg road. andrea over to you. unless virginia governor tim kain relative intervenes john allen muhammed will be put to death in 12 hours. he's one of two snipers who terrorized our region. he will be given a lethal injection tonight. victims, relatives and journalists will witness his death. monday the supreme court refused to take up an appeal
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and governor kaine has not hinted he will grant clemency. even though a majority of the deaths happened in maryland he will be put to death for a cig in virginia. dean harold myers was pumping gas in manassas virginia. alex trevino is live at that station this morning. >> one of the deadly shootings went down at this gas stop. the sniper, john allen muhammed was positioned right there, across the street. a day bob myers is trying to put behind him. taking in facts of that day were hard for bob myers. >> i don't remember hey said but i probably said something like, no, it can't be. dean harold myers was one of 10 people killed by sniper john allen muhammed and his teenage accomplice when they went on their killing spree back in 2002. myers served in vietnam. he survived a gunshot wound in the war, only to be gunned down three decades later as he was
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filling up his car at a gas station near his office. myers says the death of john muhammed by lethal injection tonight will not bring back his brother. >> we don't consider there are any winners in this. we are not ready to celebrate. >> however the myers family does firmly believe justice will be served when muhammed is put to death. >> well, bob myers, watching the execution is not about revenge for his brother. it is about closing this painful chapter in his life for good. live in manassas, i am alex trevino, 9 news now. and is the government murdering an innocent black man as muhammed claims? with me is d.c. trial lawyer debbie hines. and university of baltimore criminologist dr. jeffrey ianross with us. thank you very much. innocent black man as he is claiming. three of the dead were black. those killed, it was a young black man, lee boyd malvo who
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testified against him. but did race at all play a role in jon allen muhammed being given the death penalty, debbie? >> no, andrea. i think no matter what race he was the same result would have been the same. but the issue is not really his race, with respect to -- but with respect to the death penalty, because in general, the death penalty does play a major role with who gets the death penalty, join helpingly the death penalty is used against blacks. >> from what we understand, jeffrey, lee boyd malvo in order to testify about any other killings across the country which they may be involved in, he wants immunity for the death penalty. alabama has it and the other state where i believe they were involved. >> i'm not sure that is the case with respect to malvo whether or not he can be given immunity to testify. i don't believe race has an effect in this case but it does have an effect with respect to
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stopping, questioning, arresting and convicting and the kind of sentence that is administered to african americans in the united states. i think in many respects it is kind of a slam dunk of a case. there was a decision made that -- for expediency purposes that the case would be tried in virginia first. and that they would probably successfully get the death penalty. and virginia is a very kind of pro death penalty state. maryland has the death penalty, but it takes a very, very long time for somebody to be -- for for sentence to be finally taken -- taken out there. >> you were talking about the speed. that was one of the arguments made in the appeal to the supreme court. not only was this mentally incompetent person who shouldn't have been representing himself but the speed didn't have enough time to make his case before a district court, and challenging that, and new associate justice sonia sotomayor was one of those who said like you know why are we rushing, you seem to
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be jumping ahead of the timetable set for this. >> that was one of the problems that i had with the case, the fact that the supreme court would have ordinarily, have not acted until november 24. that is what justice sotomayor said in the dissent. but not withstanding that, they didn't find that he had any reason -- for not to delay the death penalty. >> he's a poster boy really for the death penalty, unfortunately. >> exactly. and one final thing. any -- any reason to think governor tim kaine who is on record as opposing the death penalty, would step in with clemency in this case? >> unfortunately, absolutely not. i think judge kaine has already said that he's not going to -- he's not going to intervene but that doesn't withstand the fact there is still many innocent persons that are on death row, who stand to get the death penalty. >> and jeffrey, any clues as to the kind of justice sonia sotomayor -- based on what she said as far as coming down on the side of those who wanted to hold off on the execution? >> i think it is too early to
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judge her opinion, her disposition with respect to the death penalty in this case. i think we have very limited reporting with respect to what she said, and whom she sided with, just in the last 24 hours. >> thank you, both for being here with us. attorney debbie hines, criminologist and professor dr. jeffrey ianross. 9 news now will be following this story all day. bruce leshan will have live reports starting this evening at 5:00. on learn more about the sniper shooting victims and their lives and see an interactive time line of this case. still ahead this morning, president obama and the first lady leaving right now for a memorial at fort hood, texas. we will get a preview. and an amazing story out of boston. a woman just barely misses being hit by a subway train. hear from the train operator, when we come back.
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we're back at 11 after the hour. here is what is in the news now. dueling protest at chevy chase high school in maryland. they protested the gay straight alliance club. police were there, but things stayed peaceful. police in the district are investigating a double shooting. the gunfire left one person dead and another wounded.
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the shooting happened early this morning along 21st street northeast near maryland avenue. no name yet for the person who died and the person who was wound is in critical condition. is relief on the way for 270 drivers. today the montgomery county council will vote whether to back plan widening the highway between gaithersburg and frederick. it will also decide if a planned transit way between rockville and clarksburg should be a light rail system or a bus system. the president and first lady are on their way to fort hood, texas. they will attend a memorial for the 13 people killed there last week. the obamas left the white house just minutes ago. they will take air force one to texas. digital correspondent samantha hays has the latest on the shooting investigation. >> sedowski field is usually a open space on the sprawling campus of fort hood but today it is sealed off and secured for a memorial service for the 13 victims gunned down in last week's shooting will be
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honored. post commander reporter cone expect many of the shooting survivors to attend. >> we have some 27 soldiers who are now out of the hospital. and will be -- i think the majority of them, will be present at tomorrow's memorial ceremony. >> president barack obama is scheduled to speak at the service. first lady michelle obama and top military and elected officials will also attend. the suspect in the shooting, major nidal malik hasan remains in intensive care and is conscious and reportedly able to speak. in a statement issued monday the fbi says its investigation so far indicates the alleged gunman acted alone and was not part of a broader terrorists plot. the shooting is coming under close scrutiny from lawmakers. >> indicates the -- the uniqueness of the threat we face today how we're going to have to maybe change our decision parameters, and how we deal with these threats and identify these threats in the future so that we can prevent them from happening again in the future. >> reporter: back here at fort hood, the focus is on the 13 victims. their families, and the
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community. the service is set to start at 2:00 p.m. eastern time and last about an hour. reporting from fort hood, samantha hays, for 9 news now and tropical storm ida is over land this morning. more of a nuisance than anything else. it came ashore near mobile bay alabama. winds are down to about 45 miles an hour. tropical storm warnings are still up along the gulf coast. and remember mobile bay very well. hunkered down under a mattress covering a storm there one time. remember from katrina, took that big -- it was an oil rig -- so they are no stranges to that. >> this storm. i want to show you ida on the radar prejudice. this does not -- on the radar presentation. this does not look like a tropical storm with an eye and everything. looks like a strong area of low pressure. sort of transitioned away from a tropical storm into a -- an extra tropical as we say
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meteorologically speaking. even into florida and tallahassee, some of that moving into georgia. it will be a prolific rain maker. 2, 4, 6, 8 inches of rain. winds of 45 miles an hour. gusting over 50. moving northeast at 8 miles an hour. from the forecast track from the hurricane center has the center of what is left of ida just meandering here across western florida moving down i10 towards tallahassee by tomorrow afternoon. it will maintain a little wind and then heavy rains and that moisture is a question of how much are we going to see. we're looking at at least a couple of showers possible tonight into wednesday. especially south and east of washington. temperatures today will still be mild. low-to-mid 60s. but tomorrow and thursday, back in the 50s. this afternoon, mostly cloudy. still mild. a few peeks of sun. 60 to 65 with a north wind at 5 to 10 and well southwest of town you might even see a sprinkle or light shower before the afternoon is out. winds turning north at 5 to 10. cloudy with showers tonight mainly south. lows in the upper 40s and winds picking up out of the north, northeast at 10 to 20. tomorrow another breezy day.
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northeast winds 10 to 20. cooler. few showers south of town the best chances highs near 55 degrees. outside, a few peeks of sunshine with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures at 56 with a south, southeast wind. so the front has yet to push through. pushing 57 now at annapolis. 62 or 63 there at the naval air station. 62 that is. and still in the 50s out to the west. there is ida. different picture here. look at the heavy rains in northern alabama wrapping around the storm system. some of these areas again more than half a foot of rain not out of the question. so there will be localized flooding. some of that rain getting into extreme southwestern virginia. but this front here coming through. the expectation is that this front with a high behind it will push south. and that will take ida's moisture and suppress it and even by tomorrow morning, better chance of staying south and east. as we look at the seven-day forecast, we do see a cool down tomorrow. heading in on thursday and on veterans day tomorrow 54. by the way, today, happy birthday marine corps 234
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years, along with the opening of the memorial and vietnam memorial happened on this day. looking better this day, temperatures back in the 60s. a flu alert for you. a heads up on several h1n1 vaccines in our region today. right now fairfax county is holding clinics at all five of its health department regional offices. they will go until the vaccine is gone. vaccines are for children ages 6 months to 18 years. pregnant women, and parents of infants. there is a clinic today in prince georges county for children ages 6 months to 35 months only. it runs from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight. -- at the dee leonard dyer regional health center in clinton, maryland. have you seen this amazing video out of boston this morning? a tragedy averted thank tosses very quick action. a woman who had -- admits she had a few drinks, fell on some subway tracks. look there she goes the the frain is fast-approaching. thanks to some people waving and a radio operator, the train
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stopped literally, in the nick of time. the transit agency honored its employees as heroes, but they downplayed their actions. >> i don't consider myself a hero. i just did what i was supposed to do. the most exciting part to me was when she called out from under and she was fine! >> wow. as for the woman who fell, she suffered just a few bumps and bruises. she should get a lottery ticket today. the holidays aren't too far away. that means plenty of good food. coming up, nancy robinson from mrs. robinson cooks, gives us a new twist on old thanksgiving favorites. 9:18. we will be right back.
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america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet.
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broadband for america: it's working. welcome back to 9 news now at 9:00 a.m. 26 million americans have chronic kidney disease. 90% don't even know they have it. this saturday i hope you will join me for the davita kidney run and walk at rfk stadium in the district. opening ceremonies at 10:00. money raised will promote the kidney trust for awareness campaigns nationwide. speaking of health. how about a twist to your thanksgiving menu. we have the lady with plan. nancy robinson is the owner and chef of mrs. robinson cooks a
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local catering service. >> what are we preparing for our healthy thanksgiving menu. >> what i wanted to talk about were healthy side dishes you can add to your thanksgiving traditional meal. we're going to be doing a wild rice salad with cranberries and clementines and mashed sweet potatoes. these are quick easy ways to add additional nutrients to a thanksgiving meal. >> where are we starting today? >> well, we will talk about the sweet potato. >> okay. >> -- sweet to the toe is a good alternative to regular white potatoes. has more complex carbs and more betakerotine than who it potatoes. a great way to make them is to just chop them and steam them in a small amount of chicken broth and then mash them. and you put a little bit of fat in there just so it tastes delicious. >> sure, right. i use either a table spoon of olive oil or butter to give it some flavor. >> as an alternative to maybe some of the rises we sometimes prepare for thanksgiving you of a wild rice concoction over
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here that looks delicious. tell us about that one. >> certainly. wild rice is a great grain to use. it actually isn't rice. it is technically a grass. but if you cook it in water, it puffs up and becomes very nutty and flavorful. and what i have -- adding to it today, are some celery -- some -- excuse me some cranberries, walnut pieces and, our favorite this time of year, clementines. >> and we mix it together? do we use any dressing in that or just flavor combination together. >> i do. it is a combination of orange juice and white wine vinegar or you can even use just regular white wine and some salt and pepper and garlic and it all comes together. so when we're approaching our holiday meal so many people just kind of pig out. you're adding color to the menu. that means we're getting more nutrition out of our meal. >> exactly. what i really want to challenge people to do this year is to think outside the can.
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instead of the canned cranberries, use fresh or use dried. instead of canned sweet potatoes, use a whole one. it is so easy. the recipe will be on the web site. it is to easy to make. all right we're looking forward to tasting a little bit of this. we will do that coming up next. we also of course have howard's seven-day forecast. we will have that as well coming up next here on 9 news now at 9:00 a.m.
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now for a look at what's on tap for the rest of the week at 9 news at 9:00 a.m. montgomery county council president phil andrews stops by tomorrow. d.c. delegate he will for homes norton is here thursday -- eleanor holmes. couple of sprinkles tonight into tomorrow morning with ida but much of that will stay south of us, and as we get into
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the weekend, things will improve with temperatures back well to the 60s. d.c. are you ready? we're having our -- very first best of d.c. 2009 awards show airing on wusa tv. but you can vote now. voting end november 30. go to metro we're talking everything from best venues to best cup cakes, best fries. you name it there is a best of. we want your vote we want to thank nancy robinson for coming in and making our tasty and healthy thanksgiving treats. >> we have recipes on -- >> on for our sweet potatoes and our wild rice. but -- oh, we do have forks! >> that was the big question. >> that never stopped you before. >> healthy can be delicious. that is it for us. the next news is at noon with jc hayward and howard bernstein. have a great day! have pillsbury savorings at your next get together.
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so warm, flaky; it may be the last time chips and dip are invited back. savorings appetizers from pillsbury. but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel.


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